Yu Zhang (Postdoc Researcher at UC Davis)

email: yudzhang@ucdavis.edu

Yu Zhang is a postdoc researcher at University of California Davis, School of Education, as well as a Ph.D. at University of California Santa Barbara. Her research interests are cognitive development and mathematics education. She has been working on ELLAC, FAM and other projects at UC Davis. 

Bahareh Abhari (Ph.D. Student at UC Davis)

Bahareh Abhari is a Ph.D. student at the School of Education at University of California, Davis. Her emphasis is in Learning and Mind Sciences, and her research interests include English learners, mathematics education, and transitioning to higher education. She has been a Graduate Student Researcher for the FAM project for Year 2, 3 and 5.

Leslie Banes (PhD Candidate at UC Davis)

Her research interests include exploring the relationship between language and mathematics, teaching math to English learners and bilingual students, mathematics class discussion, word problem comprehension, writing mathematical explanations, issues of equity in mathematics, and elementary teacher education.

Huy Chung (Post-doctoral Researcher at UC Davis)

An avid fan of the University of California public school system, Huy Chung is a Post-doctoral researcher at UC Davis as well as a Ph.D. candidate at UC Irvine’s School of Education under the Learning, Cognition, and Development (LCD) and Language, Literacy, and Technology (LLT) specializations. His interests in teacher education and professional development for English Language Arts teachers bridge the two concentrations.

Chelsea Escalante (PhD Student at UC Davis)

Chelsea Escalante is a graduate student in Hispanic Linguistics. She was born in California, raised in Oregon, and has been living in the Bay Area for the past several years while teaching Spanish at Santa Clara University. She learned Spanish as a second language herself and now loves studying all sorts of aspects of language learning. She also loves spending time with her family, especially her two kids, who brighten her days and encourage her to work toward her career goals.

Diana Recouvreur (PhD Student at UC Davis)

Diana is a doctoral student with a concentration in School Organization and Education Policy and a designated emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies. She is currently studying education in juvenile corrections facilities in an attempt to figure out ways to maximize the benefits of the varying, but critical educational contact these vulnerable individuals have in custody. She sees such educational opportunity as being a crucial instrument to combat recidivism and continuing institutionalism.